Mark E. Whiting



2017 → Stanford University Postdoc, computer science (HCI group) under Michael S. Bernstein
2013-2017 Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) PhD, mechanical engineering under Jon Cagan & Phil R. Leduc, with Manuela M. Veloso and Yongjie Jessica Zhang on the comittee
2009-2010 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) MS, industrial design with Youn-kyung Lim & Tek-Jin Nam
2004-2007 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Bachelors of design, industrial design, first class honors
2006 Zhejiang University (ZJU) Exchange student for 1 year in industrial design


2018 IDEO CoLab Fellow
2016 → Stanford Crowd Research Collective Team member
2016-2018 Pitt iSchool Inclusion Institute Research mentor
2012 KAIST Cultural Technology Visiting scholar with Meeyoung Cha
→ 2012 Adaptive Equipment Design lead (intermitent positions between 2003 and 2012)


2018 → Stanford Postdoc teaching certificate program
2013-2017 CMU Future faculty program at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
2013-2014 CMU Senior design, teaching assistant, nominated for teaching assistance award
2011 KAIST Design product system, teaching assistant
2009 KAIST Emotional design, teaching assistant


2006 & 2009 Red Dot design award, awarded 2 times
2007 Australian youth delegation to china, invitee of president Hu Jintao
2002 FIRST robotics competition, first prize alliance SE region


2018 Mozilla Open Leaders, cohort 5 and conhort 6 mentor
2016 → President and co-founder, Cultured Fit
2015 Cheif financial officer, National Association of Graduate and Professional Students
2014-2015 Vice president of finance, CMU Graduate Student Assembly, CMU
2009-2012 Founder and director, TEDxKAIST (and supported other TEDx in Korea)


2017 → Program committee: Designing Technologies to Support Human Problem Solving at VL/HCC'18, CSCW'18, Linked Democracy at IJCAI'17
2009 → Reviewer: CHI, CSCW, CC, MobileHCI, IDETC, IASDR, DIS, UIST, TSC.


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