Frequently asked questions

  1. Can we talk?

    Yes, come to my office hours, Wednesday 2–3 PM in Gates 396.

  2. How can I get a letter of recommendation from you?

    First, do research with me. Then, at least 2 weeks before the application deadline, email me your application materials (including essays), your CV and a short, informal paragraph about our work together and anything you’d like the letter to highlight.

  3. Can I have a PDF of your CV?

    Yes, my CV is printer friendly and can be used to save a PDF.

  4. Whats going on with your site?

    It’s heavily inspired by sites from great people around the internet, especially Scott Klemmer and Michael Bernstein. Add an issue on Github if you have a suggestion to improve it.

  5. What if I have another question?

    Come to my office hours or email me.