Frequently asked questions


I am trying to reduce meetings, so if we don’t already have a scheduled meeting, please first email me your question, including a phone number at which I can reach you. I generally prefer to respond via email, but if it makes more sense, I’ll call or find a time to meet.

Reccomendation letters and references

I am eager to support the careers of my research students, interns and colleagues with letters or references. In general, 2 weeks before the application deadline, email me the details of the application, my letter deadline, your application essays, your CV and an informal paragraph about our work together — use this to let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to highlight. It’s fine to ask me what I will say about you.

If the deadline is closer than 2 weeks, ask if I’m able to do it — I’ll let you know if I have the flexibility to write a letter in that time.

I’ll email you when I submit the letter, but if you don’t hear from me by the day before the deadline, feel free to send lots of angry messages.