My work focuses on how we might make creative decisions in the future, designing faster and at higher quality than we do today. This research spans design, society and artificial intelligence:

Computational and automated design
Human-in-the-loop problem solving
Crowdsourcing and crowd governance
Incentive systems design

I'm a PhD candidate under Jon Cagan and Phil Leduc in Mechanical Engineering at CMU, and part of the Stanford Crowd Research Collective.

📣 Latest updates

Daemo Constitution was accepted to CI'17
Crowd Guilds & Daemo were shown at CSCW'17

🗞 Recent projects

Designing A Constitution for a Self-Governing Crowdsourcing Marketplace (no PDF available)
Mark E. Whiting, Dilrukshi Gamage, Shirish Goyal, Aaron Gilbee, Dinesh Majeti, Angela Richmond-Fuller, Mohamed Hashim Salih, Tejas Seshadri Sarma, Vinayak Mathur, Manoj Pandey, Snehalkumar (Neil) S. Gaikwad, Rajan Vaish and Michael S. Bernstein.
Collective Intelligence, 2017
Improving Assessment on MOOCs Through Peer Identification and Aligned Incentives
Dilrukshi Gamage, Mark E. Whiting, Thejan Rajapakshe, Haritha Thilakarathne, Indika Perera, and Shantha Fernando
Learning @ Scale, 2017
Crowd Guilds: Worker-led Reputation and Feedback on Crowdsourcing Platforms
Mark E. Whiting, Dilrukshi Gamage, Snehalkumar (Neil) S. Gaikwad, Aaron Gilbee, Shirish Goyal, Alipta Ballav, Dinesh Majeti, Nalin Chhibber, Angela Richmond-Fuller, Freddie Vargus, Tejas Seshadri Sarma, Varshine Chandrakanthan, Teogenes Moura, Mohamed Hashim Salih, Gabriel Bayomi Tinoco Kalejaiye, Adam Ginzberg, Catherine A. Mullings, Yoni Dayan, Kristy Milland, Henrique Orefice, Jeff Regino, Sayna Parsi, Kunz Mainali, Vibhor Sehgal, Sekandar Matin, Akshansh Sinha, Rajan Vaish, and Michael S. Bernstein.
Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 2017
Automated Induction of General Grammars for Design
Mark E. Whiting, Jon Cagan, and Philip LeDuc
Design Computing and Cognition, 2016